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There are several manufacturers of 'repro' vintage rc airplanes, and the models represent the Golden Era of aeromodelling, with some designs dating back to the early 1930s.

Back then, model flying was of course a very different hobby. The earliest model airplanes to be self-propelled were done so by rubber bands, and soon these naturally evolved into larger internal combustion powered free flight planes as technology developed and allowed the production of model IC engines, notably diesel ones in the early days.

The earliest record of powered radio control flight gives 1937 as the year, with the model airplane and radio gear being built by Michigan engineers and model airplane enthusiasts Dr. Walt Good and his brother Bill.

Today, vintage radio control planes have that same classic look and style as 'Big Guff' had (as their plane was named) back in 1937, but of course they are flown with modern day glow plug engines and radio gear.

Traditionally, such airplanes were powered bydiesel motors and there are still some manufacturers producing them, primarily for vintage model use.
The British based company Progress Aero Works(PAW) make a range of traditional diesel airplane motors, such as the classic 1.49cc.

Vintage rc airplanes can be bought in kit form now, but there are also many plans available to build the model from scratch. 

The airplanes tend to be large in size and use traditional balsa wood construction techniques, making them great models for anyone who enjoys the building side of the hobby as much as the flying side.

Their large size makes them slow and gentle flyers, and a typical set-up for a modern day vintage plane is to use a 4 stroke glow plug motor and3 channel radio with control to throttle, elevator and rudder.

One British company, Ben Buckle, is a well respected manufacturer of such kits and also has made available a large selection of printed vintage plans. Many of the classic designs are available such as the 'Buccaneer', 'Flying Quaker' and 'Majestic Major'.