Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

Tomboy 36" designed by Vic Smeed in 1950's

As for rules for our tomboy comp, We don't have many!!!

The model of course has to be a Tomboy designed by Vic Smeed in 1950.
Small changes to the original free flight plan are allowed such as dihedral and rudder size.
We have not specified a particular motor size but want everyone to fly on a 2 cell battery.

Like Vintage it is a fun event with a minimum of rules!
We run a 30 second motor run and award points in ascending order with last down gaining a 2 point extra bonus.

If you wish to build one talk to a Club Member about how to get plans and who can help you with mods on rudder which will improve handling.

Its lots of fun always with laughs!!

Tomboy Files