Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

RC Safety

Transmitter Impound and Frequency Board

  • When you arrive at the field, put your membership card on the correct frequency! Inside ring if you are not ready to fly.
  • If someone else is using that frequency, find out who that person is, introduce yourself if you don't already know him or her, and coordinate your flights. This simple step may save an airplane, maybe yours!!

Transmitter Impound

The Transmitter Impound Area is used as a safe place for transmitters during events. If you don't have your transmitter with you, you will not be likely to turn it on without checking the frequency board. There are some farily expensive aircraft flying, and to cause an accident through carelessness is to be avoided. If you are the only person flying, the use of the impound area is not necessary. If you're on the field having a great flight, or using your transmitter in the pits, your membership peg, plainly visible to other flyers or just arriving flyers. When you finish your flight, remove your peg. At a contest or meet, there are no exceptions to this rule. The reasons, hopefully, are obvious: a careless flip of the "On" switch could result in the costly loss of an aircraft (and maybe a friendship).

Some of us have gotten into some bad habits:
* Taxiing our aircraft from the runway towards the pits
* Flying alone (not recommended but not outlawed either)
* Bringing dogs that are not on leash
* Letting children around the front of the pit table
* Leaving "stuff" behind
* Not using the Frequency Board and Transmitter Impound

Familiarize yourself with the AERONEERS FIELD RULES
At all times the NZMAA Safety Code is to be adhered to.
Click here to review the NZMAA Safety Code