Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)


With speeds of up to 320 kph at World Class level, and highly-tuned motors running at over 20,000 rpm, radio controlled pylon racing is a thrilling sport for pilot and spectators alike. However, such speeds require considerable skill and experience, not to mention calm nerves. This is not a class of aeromodelling for beginners! Many hours of flight time will be needed before enough experience has been gained to manage a fast pylon racer.

In a class F3d race, competitors race in pairs, and their models are timed over 10 laps of a triangular course marked by 4 meter high pylons. The world record is 1 minute 3 seconds for 10 laps, representing an average speed of 320 kph plus.

In New Zealand and other countries slower pylon classes are available for entry level pilots.