Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)


A straight forward contest in which basic models can be used 

3.7.1 The model

Maximum (projected) wingspan of the model is not to exceed 2 Metres. The maximum number of operating servos is three. Two servos can be used according to the pilot’s wishes. The optional third servo must be for spoiler control only.  Spoiler control must not utilize trailing edge flaps.

3.7.2 Launching

Models may be launched my Hand Tow or Hand operated Pulley Tow. At the Contest Directorsdiscretion, Bungees may be used. Winches may not be used. Refer to Rule 2.2.2 for launching definitions.

3.7.3 Flying

(a) The contest director may determine a maximum contest time suitable for the

weather conditions and the number of competitors. It is suggested that 3 hours is a

suitable contest time.

(b) During the contest time pilots will be required to complete flights of 3,4,5,6 & 7

minutes in any order but the contestant must nominate to which task the previous

flight will be recorded before attempting the next flight. When to launch is up to the


However when the allotted contest time expires only flights already completed or

models in flight that have already been released from the tow or bungee and are

being timed will be counted.

(c) One point is awarded for each second of flight up to the target time.

(d) One point is deducted for each second in excess of the target time.

(e) More than 60 secs in excess of the target time will result in all the points for that

flight being forfeited.

3.7.4 Landing

50 points will be awarded for landing within the 15 metre radius of a spot measured

to the nose of the model. All flight and landing points will be forfeited if the model

lands outside the appointed flying field.

3.7.5 Scoring

All flight and landing scores will count towards the individuals total. The competitor

with the highest accumulated score wins.