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Palmerston North City  Council (P.N.C.C.)

Flying drones.

Find out where you can and can’t fly drones in Palmerston North, if you need permission, and where to log your flight path. No matter where you fly your drone, you need to follow Civil Aviation rules.

Most of our city's urban areas, including parks and reserves, are in a controlled airspace. That is, airspace managed by Air Traffic Control because it's close to important flight paths.

You need air traffic control clearance if you want to fly your drone in controlled airspace, unless you are flying a shielded operation.

Quick links for information

Learn the rules, request permission and log your flight path on Airshare.  Airshare is the UAV hub for New Zealand. Go to the Airshare website to learn how to operate your drone safely, plan all your UAV flights, and request access to controlled airspace.

Shielded operations.

In some of our parks, low level flying is allowed without getting clearance from air traffic control. To be a shielded operation, you must be flying your drone within 100m of an object like a building or a tree. You must also fly below the height of that object. However, you still have to log your flight plan.

Flying in parks outside the controlled airspace.

Some of our parks are outside controlled airspaces, so you don't need air traffic control clearance. Council permission is given to fly in these parks as long as you follow the general CAA rules, including logging your flight. You must also stay at least 25m away from boundaries, playgrounds and formed paths. Please take care around animals, particularly in areas where dogs are allowed off a leash.

  • Paneri Park
  • Waitoetoe Park (be courteous and take care around dog walkers)
  • Atawhai Reserve
  • Summerhill Reserve
  • Adderstone Reserve
  • ANZAC/Te Motu o Poutoa
  • Ashhurst reserves including the sportsfields at Ashhurst Domain (the rest of the domain is a no fly zone - see list of restricted parks below for more information)

No fly zones!

There are two categories of no fly zones in Palmerston North: prohibited and restricted. You need special permission from Council to fly a drone in these parks. 

Prohibited parks!

Flying drones at parks in the airport take-off and approach paths is prohibited. However, the Council will consider requests for permission case by case. Before you apply to the Council, you need clearance from air traffic control or a shielded operation exemption.

  • Linklater Reserve
  • Robert Reserve
  • Frederick Krull Reserve
  • Schnell Wetland Reserve
  • Leander Reserve
  • Jefferson Reserve
  • Kelvin Grove Cemetery
  • Parnell Heights Reserve
  • The unformed road reserve between Pepper Tree Glade and Masefield Terrace
Restricted parks,

These are sensitive spaces. Casual flying is not permitted, though may be granted for special occasions or activities.

  • The Square
  • Central Energy Trust Arena
  • Victoria Esplanade
  • Any cemetery
  • Otira Reserve and Linton Domain
  • Ashhurst Domain campground, playground, cemetery, cafe or pony club spaces (you can fly a drone over the sportsfields)
  • Memorial Park - the passive recreation end with duckpond, playground and paddling pool (you can fly a drone over the sportsfields)
All other parks,

All other parks are considered suitable for flying as long as you follow some general PNCC rules and comply with Civil Aviation Authority rules. You must also stay at least 25m away from boundaries, playgrounds and formed paths. Please take care around animals, particularly in areas where dogs are allowed off a leash.

If you follow the flow chart on page 2 of the document, you can't really go wrong.  

Safe flying everyone.

Manawatu District Council (M.D.C.)

Flying day diary in the club rooms.

As part of our resource consent, the club has to keep a record of what days we fly.

There has been a diary placed in the club room that all flyer using the field are being asked to fill out.  Members are asked to write the following;

  1. How many people were at the field on that particular day.
  2. What conditions were on the day.
  3. Any other information that you think might be relevant for future records.
The diary is a 2015 diary and members are asked to write on the page/portion that contains the correct "date" and to change the "day" to read what is actual.

Air Field Flying Times

It has come to the Committee’s attention that the flying site is being used on Saturday as an alternative to Sunday flying.
The Club policy has been that new aircraft could be test flown or people training to fly had the use of the field on a Saturday.
The Club has Resource Consent for every Sunday from 9am to 6pm and for 15 flying Saturdays in the year.
Members are asked to respect these times for flying.