Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

Club Interests

As new guys enter the hobby, they bring joy and enthusiasm to the club.  All aspects of modeling has its ups and downs with one thing or another becoming the fad of the week/month/year.  Listed are the current interests enjoyed by our members.


2m bungee launched Glider

2m electric launched Foam Glider





The Committee premises the following;


Competitions are run within Aeroneers MFC for the purposes of;

  • Encouragement of camaraderie
  • Development of building and flying skills
  • Assistance to new competitors
  • Local attainment
  • National and International attainment


  • Competitions should be fun
  • Competitions need clear rules
  • Rules should be fair and equitable and accepted by all competitors
  • Rules will generally follow NZMAA Rules, but modified for Aeroneers’ competitions
  • Rules should not unnecessarily disadvantage or discourage any individual flyer
  • Scores need to be tallied accurately and published promptly to all interested members and posted to the website
  • Notwithstanding that the competitions are  annual events, the accumulated annual scores should reflect flying achievement more so than monthly attendance
  • The Committee will appoint a Contest Director to run each competition

Responsibilities of Contest Directors

  • Run each monthly competition
  • Appoint a deputy when needed
  • Adjudicate on any disputes that might arise during any event
  • Record individual scores
  • Post scores promptly to all of the Competitors and to the Webmaster
  • Keep the relevant spreadsheet up to date
  • Tally annual scores and advise the Committee
  • Foster the aims of Aeroneers – principally fun and skills development

Scoring Information

The Committee has developed a scores recording spread sheet which will be run for each competition for the information of Competitors.  The purpose of this document is to demonstrate to each Competitor his achievement in each of flying time and landing circle/area scores expressed as a percentage of the possibles.  This spread sheet will be updated after each event for all competitions and posted to the website in order to present a monthly running performance total to each Competitor.  Each Competitor’s flying time to date will be compared to the available target time to date to reveal a percentage.  Each Competitor’s landing scores to date will be compared with the available target landings to date to reveal a percentage.