Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

  • To qualify as "Vintage" the model must have been available as a kit or a plan published prior to 1.Jan.1951
  • The model may not have any major alterations made to the original and must be rudder-elevator only unless the original specified other moving surfaces.
  • The model may be powered by an IC engine or electric motor.
  • The model may be scaled up or down in size from the original.
  • The event we fly in our club is "Vintage Precision” Once the model leaves the hand or ground a maximum 60 second motor run is allowed followed by a glide to try to achieve a total of 180 seconds (3 minutes) 1 point per second aloft is scored giving a maximum flight points of 180. In addition a 20 point bonus is achieved if the model comes to rest within a 15 meter radius of the landing spot. So a perfect time and landing score is 200 points.
  • 3 rounds are usually flown, last year no one scored a perfect 600 point event.