Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

Below are the set of rules for the Palmerston North Aeroneers 2016 season as proposed by your committee.


The Aeroneers’ Tomboy Flying Competition is primarily a fun event designed around

achieving maximum flight time from a set height with a landing area to target for

extra points.

1) The model to be flown in this Competition must be a Vic Smeed TOMBOY

design.  The model shall be made according to the original Vic Smeed plan with either a 36” or 44” wing span and with either the 16” or 20” tailplane.  Small modifications to the original design may be made, for example for the purpose of installing an electric motor and balancing the model.

2)  Power is to be provided by a small electric motor. There are no restrictions on

motor, battery, speed controller or propeller.

3)  Models shall be fitted with an electronic altimeter and timing device set to cut the

power to the motor at the first of 30 seconds after throttle advance or 100m height

reached above the runway.

4) A landing area shall be laid out of area 30m x the width of the runway, with the

ends of the area delineated by ropes placed across the runway at right angles to the centreline of the runway.

5)  Each Contestant will be issued with a number which will remain as his/her number so long as he/she remains a Contestant in the Tomboy Competition.


1)  Each monthly event shall consist of three flights to be run within a short time


2)  All models will be launched at the same instant in a ‘mass launch’. No Contestant

shall delay the launch of his model.

3)  Models may be hand launched or take off from the runway. Launch assistance

may be provided to any Contestant.

4)  Motors may not be started again during the course of each flight.  Should any

Contestant accidentally or deliberately restart his model’s motor in flight then

that Contestant must immediately call out his number. In such a case landing points

will not be awarded.

5)  Subsequent flights will be flown as soon as all Contestants have gathered back at

the launch site and are ready to launch.

6) A short time between flights will be allowed for retrieval of models and for minor

repairs to models, propeller replacement and battery changes, etc.

7)  Each Contestant will call out his/her number clearly to the Contest Director, or his assistant, at the moment that his Tomboy first touches the ground, or any other immobile object, or upon restarting his motor.

8)  For the first and second flights of each event, the last to land model shall be required to land as soon as possible after the second to last model.  Should this last to land model fail to land within 30 seconds of the landing of the second to last model, then the Contestant flying that last to land model shall forfeit all points for that flight and all other Contestants will move up one place in order.


1)  The Contestant whose model is the last model to land will be awarded 20 points.  The Contestant whose model is the second to last to land will be awarded 18 points.  The Contestant whose model is third to last to land will be awarded 16 points. Subsequent placings will be awarded 15, 14, 13 etc points in descending order.

2)  5 points will be awarded to any Contestant whose model lands within the delineated landing area.  A model shall be judged to be within the landing area if any part of the model is within the landing area.  In case of dispute the Contest Director will adjudicate.

3)  If any model while in the process of landing touches any other model which is at rest within the landing area, then the Contestant whose model is the offender shall not be awarded 5 landing points but shall have 5 points deducted from his score.

4)  If any model while in the process of landing damages any other model which is at rest within the landing area, such as to prevent that damaged model from being flown in any subsequent flight of the present event, then the Contestant flying the offending model will forfeit all points earned for that particular flight.

5)  Contestants may retrieve models from within the landing area while models are still flying, however should any Contestant interfere in any way with any model which is on approach to the landing area then that Contestant will have 5 points deducted from his score and the Contestant whose model was interfered with will be awarded 5 landing points.

6)  If any model lands outside the fenced boundary of Modelport then that model will be deemed not to have finished that flight and the Contestant flying that model will earn no points for that flight.

7) The Contestant who scores the most points will be awarded first place for the event.

8) Any Aeroneer not wishing to comply with all Aeroneers’ Tomboy Rules is welcome to fly his Tomboy within each monthly event and have his scores recorded and published, but is not eligible for an annual award