Palmerston North Aeroneers

Model Aero Club (inc.)

Below are the set of rules for the Palmerston North Aeroneers 2016 season as proposed by your committee

                       A.L.E.S. 2m All Foam Electric Glider (RADIAN or similar )

                                                                                 (ALES = Altitude Limited Electric Soaring)

The intent of this competition is to provide a simple set of rules for a fun

event. Open to Radian electric gliders or equivalent 2m all foam models.

Major modifications to the aircraft may lead to condemnation by your fellow


The object is to fly three 7 minutes flights over 3 rounds with a bonus for

landing. Launch height is limited to 200m and motor run time to 30 seconds.

A Contest Director may decide to mass launch groups of pilots to add to the

fun of the event. The CD may use group scoring in this instance but points

will not be eligible for any record claims or NDC.

Contest rules

(a) There are no restrictions on motor, plane or battery chemistry.

(b) You can recharge or swap batteries between flights

(c) Flights will be scored one point for each second flown up to 7 minutes (i.e.

420 points) then one point lost for each second flown over this time.

(d) Launch height is limited to 200m. Height will be controlled by an Altimeter

switch placed in line with the throttle channel. Refer section 2.8.

(e) A landing bonus of 50 points will be awarded if the whole of the model stops

inside a 7 metre diameter circle; 25 points if any part of the model stops

inside a 15 metre diameter circle; zero points if outside the 15m circle.

(f) Timing of flight is to commence at launch of the model, from the moment it

leaves the launchers hand. Maximum motor run time is 30 seconds, to be

controlled by the onboard switch. Flight timing stops as soon as the model

touches the ground.

(g) The motor may not be restarted during the flight. Should the motor be

restarted for any reason, the timekeeper will stop the watch immediately and

landing points will be lost.

(h) No re-flights are permitted.

(i) Each flight counts. The final score is the total of all points over three flights.

(k) The duration of each round will be decided by the CD taking into account the

number of competitors, weather conditions etc. For example each round

could be 1 hour.

This will be a “raw score” event, a pilots year score will be the total sum of all monthly raw scores.